Have you been travelling for a while and missing those home comforts? Especially your mum’s Sunday Roast? It’s tough spending time on tropical islands isn’t it? Well luckily for you Broken Compass serves a roast every Sunday good enough to rival any home cooked meal!

For a bargain price of 95’000 IDR you get a plate with roast chicken, roast beef, a Yorkshire pudding, cauliflower and cheese, stuffing, roast potatoes and veggies which is all topped off with delicious gravy! And if that doesn’t sound like enough for you (it’s a BIG portion but you never know), you can upgrade to a super size portion for an extra 15’000 IDR.

Sundays tend to be one of our busiest nights, especially with the local ex-pats and divers coming to get a taste of home, so please pre-book with one of our staff during the day to avoid disappointment! Everyone is welcome so even if you are not staying with us please feel free to come and join us.

Make sure you take advantage of our happy hour between 6pm-8pm when you can get two cocktails for 60’000 IDR and Bingtangs for 25’000 IDR (small) and 35’000 (large).